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30X Integrated HD Speed Dome

Model : DR-E588HDE30M

Category : HD Speed Dome

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2 Megapixels &30x optical zoom lens
    With a 1/2.8-inch and 2 Megapixels CMOS sensor, E588HDE30M outputs the un-compressed, original and real time video of excellent color performance at [email protected] and catches the littlest chromatic aberration. It is capable of 30X zooming while remaining Full HD level. Together with its 3A controls (AWB/AGC/AEC), E588HDE30M can catch detailed image like car license, clothing and facial features from a long distance, and clearly display the accident happening on highway.2 Megapixels &30x optical zoom lens

Illumination Sensitivity
    Its HD-DSP (High definition Digital Signal Processor) grants E588HDE30M a sensitivity of 0.002Lux. Besides, the Image Processing Engine in HD-DSP has two powerful functions, visibility enhancement and noise reduction. All of these features guarantee E588HDE30M a HD IP system even for night surveillance. E588HDE30M can be used not only for traditional surveillance areas like seaport, highway, intelligent community, but also for extraordinary places where extra light sources cannot be added.

Day/Night Function
    E588HDE30M is equipped with Dual Filter Converter, which works as an IR filter during the day, blocking infrared wavelength to get no-color-loss image, while during the night it turns into a visible light filter, and with IR illuminator, all the irrelevant light was cut off so that the CCD achieves clear IR image.

Auto White Balance
    E588HDE30M enjoys the ACS solution (Automatic Compensation Solution) which is used
tomake up the color deviations produced by interweaving between camera lenses in a
Cinterface optical system. Depending on actual applications, there are Color Mode and
twotypes of Brightness Modes for choice. The application areas can be conference
halls,schools, stadiums, opera houses, courts, urban landscapes, safety precautions etc.

 Backlight Compensation
    When shutter accelerates, the iris will be closed. This leads the target to become too dark
to be seen. E588HDE30M’s backlight compensation function can well settle this problem
With its BLC, E588HDE-18C strives to ignore areas of high illumination (just as if they were
not present) to enables objects in the foreground to be seen, although the bright areas
will be overexposed.

Wide Dynamic Range
    The considerable WDR of E588HDE30M demonstrates an outstanding ability in noise
reduction by getting rid of image shading and ghosting. It can acquire high quality
video and image even in really low illumination. According to the actual
requirements of nowadays’ traffic surveillance, this kind of remote-controllable or
fixed cameras can be applied to intersections, stations, commercial mall, highway
toll and etc. 

360° continuous & steady panning
    E588HDE30 positioning system introduces state-of-the-art slip ring technology. Its
Pan/Tilt system pans 360° continuously and stably to ensure all-round surveillance.

0° to+-90° Tilting
    E588HDE30M’s positioning system tilts from 0° to -90°; when tilting downward and reaching -90° position, it can automatically flip and goes up to 0° and then goes from 0° to -90°.


Support SD/SDHC card recording
    This function is used to record and playback high resolution image and HD video for alarm events.

RJ45 interface output 
    Based on international standard H.264 (MPEG4-part10) compression algorithm, E588HDE30M interface supports static/dynamic IP, ADSL, DDNS, so that the video signal can be transferred through LAN or WAN which enhances the flexibility in playback and recording.

 Guarding、 Preset Funtion
    E588HDE30M supports functions like guard, presets, pattern, sequence and auto scanning. It also supports auto-calling of the above functions after a period of idling. User can make 255 presets.

Synchronous tri-streaming: HD, D1 and CIF 
    Various monitoring systems bring high demands on flexibility for outputs. E588HDE-18C support HD, D1 and CIF outputs synchronously. WEB browsing and user priority management
E588HDE30M supports Web browser and user priority management through its built-in WEB server. User can monitor and control through the IE explorer and workstation software.

RTP, VLC、MPlayer, real-time Video play
Adopt standard RTSP Protocol, support RTP, VLC, MPlayer real-time play

Backup Memory & Auto Recovery
    E588HDE3 supports backup memory; all the system’s parameter settings are saved when power fails suddenly. When power is back on, the dome runs self-checking and resumes to its last status before the outage.
Lightning-proof & Water-proof
4000V Lightning Proof for video, data and power.
Standard: GB/T 17626.5-1999
Water-proof standard: E588HDE30M adopts GB/T 2423.3-89

Highest operating temperature: 60℃±2℃
Lowest operating temperature: -40℃±2℃
Standards: GB/T 2423.2-2001 and GB/T 2423.1-89

Vandal-proof & EMI Reduction
Protection ratio for outdoor:IP66; Withstand wind speed: 130Km/h
Standards for EMI: GB/T 17626.3-1998 and IEC61000-4-3
Sensor 1/2.8", 2 megapixel, CMOS
Focus/Zoom 4.5~135mm,30X optical zoom
Focus Electric zoom, auto focus
Iris F1.6~F4.4
Shutter 1/6~1/8000s
Wide dynamic range  120dB
Min. illumination 0.002 lux (F1.5,50IRE,Color)
0.0002 lux (F1.5,50IRE, B/W)
Day/Night IR-cut filter with auto switch (ICR)
Pan range 360°continuous panning 
Pan speed Manual speed:0.1°~135°/s
Preset speed:270°/s
Tilt range  -5°~90° (Auto reversing)
Tilt speed Manual speed: 0.1°~135°/s
Present speed:270°/s
Focal length Proportion Auto
Preset 255
Sequence  max.4 sequences, at most 32 presets 
Pattern  4
Backup memory for power failure Support
Guard  Preset / Sequence / Pattern /Auto
Position information PTZ three coordinate position Feedback and setting
Preset freezing  ON/OFF
Image resolution  1080p/30 
Video Compression H.264 Main Profile@5.1,MJPEG
Audio Compression G.711/AAC
Audio Mode OFF / Audio input /Audio output
Bit rate 32K~16Mbps
High-end protocol RTSP,RTP,CGI,SIP
Simultaneous users MAX 4
Double bit stream HD/D1
WEB Server Support Web browsing and control 
Title Display Max. 12 characters (Chinese)
Time display ON/OFF
Alarm input  Motion detection 
Alarm output Configurable alarm linkage
Alarm linkage  Preset、Sequence、Pattern、trigger switch output 
Video Output  Video output port: CVBS 
Audio input  linear input 
Audio output LINE output 
MTBF 20000h
Certificate ROHS, CE, FCC
Power supply AC24V±15%,50/60Hz
Power consumption 55W (outdoor), 15W (indoor)
Working temperature & humility -40℃~65℃(Outdoor)/-10℃~50℃( Indoor)
humility < 90%
Protection Grade  IP66(Outdoor )
TVS 4000V video, data, power lightning and surge proof
Installation  Various installation can choose